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Are you tired of paying for Craigslist auto posting software or posting services without getting any results?

Do your Craigslist ads never seem to stick or show up in the results? Are you tired of posting services, employees or craigslist automation software programs that can’t deliver as promised?

If you’re tired of paying posting companies or employees for flagged ads, and promises of ads sticking without any real progress, you’re not alone. Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses spend millions of dollars on Craigslist posting services without any results to show for it!

Whether you’re a business owner looking for ads that can bring in new business, or an employee at a large company that needs help getting automation software to work the way it should for your company, it’s very important that you know one thing:

The reason your ads are not live isn’t you. It’s that you’re spending your Craigslist marketing budget in the wrong places.


Every day, we receive emails from freelancers, small businesses, and corporations that desire to vastly improve the efficacy of their Craigslist marketing. In every message, we read the same problems, challenges and the same results:

◦ We’re spending money on a posting service, but we aren’t getting any ads live or their ads are never even posted.
◦ The employees we’ve hired to handle the postings don’t always do their job, or don’t have the patience or initiative to figure out how to get live ads.
◦ We’re missing out on sales because our business is going days, weeks or even months without LIVE ADS!
◦ We just don’t have enough hours in the work week to balance Craigslist marketing with our other work responsibilities, resulting in no progress and a growing lack of faith in anyone that can fix the problem.

Do any of these problems sound familiar? Posting ads on Craigslist, as easy it may sound, is a time-consuming, challenging process, and automating your postings via software is even more technically difficult with a steep learning curve that can take years to master.  But all is not lost, there are two simple things that will solve your problem:

1) Automation software that WORKS.  Unlike a person, you never have to worry about your software not showing up, going to sleep, leaving for a competitor, or quitting!  You just have to click a SCHEDULE POST button and your ads run.

2) A service that doesn’t just give you a software that will do the above, but also sets everything up for your business correctly so the ads do not get auto-deleted or removed.  Other software programs

Our system works naturally, so ad campaigns will never stop working, because there is no way for Craigslist to differentiate your ads posted from our software from a normal person.

In order for Craigslist to remove your ads, they’d have to delete EVERYONE’S ADS.  And the best part of your new software, you don’t have to spend years learning how to get it to work.

How our auto posting software works to solve your posting problems:


Geil & Mehr’s auto-poster isn’t your typical posting software. In fact, our software is extremely unique and miles ahead of anything else out there and is updated to work with the latest captcha changes introduced in late 2017.

It’s built with sophisticated anti-detection technology to help bypass browser fingerprinting filtering so it will avoid things that can result in mass account verifications, auto-flagging or immediate IP blocks that can happen when using other programs right off the bat.

Unlike the many third-world software solutions that provide you with the software but no support or real customer service, GEIL & MEHR’S auto poster is a fully managed solution carried out by our team of experienced Craigslist posting professionals, all of whom have extensive experience working with small businesses and big brands alike with one goal in mind: to make sure your business has the live ads it needs to grow on the #1 classified site on the web.

Here’s how to get started:


You can get a one week free trial or you can buy it now.  If you’d like to demo our craigslist auto poster, please email

If you’d like to purchase it, please add to cart and checkout.  When at checkout please select the option you want and proceed to purchase.

After purchasing, please then send your ads to us by emailing them to, you can also use an existing PVA account and we can import them from that account saving you time.

Once you own a license to our software, our team will automatically get to work to set up your campaigns on your computer so when we are done, all you have to do is click a button and your ads run.  You don’t have to worry about fixing your ad content, creating or phone verifying accounts, finding IPs, we handle all of that for you.

There is nothing to figure out, just software that works.  It’s the easiest to use Craigslist posting software on the market, and the #1 Craigslist posting service because of it.

Plus, you can say goodbye to posting services, or expensive labor costs, as you’ll never have to worry about paying for your ad postings again!


Reporting and ad optimization help.


Some ask how they can know the software is working.  You can easily monitor your ad postings via an easy to use REPORT tab on the software.

Every day, you can see how much progress your campaigns have delivered via several metrics we will set up for you to monitor.

Would you like to own the software right now?  Please add it to your cart at the bottom of this page and checkout to get started.


All you have to do once we’re done, is send your ads to us, we handle everything from there and the software will work and your ads will run within a day or two.

If you’ve been looking for a solution to boost your sales and put an end to all the headaches associated with posting on Craigslist or Kijiji, this is it!

Whether you are a furniture store, auto dealer, or small business looking to have your ads placed successfully, this is the perfect solution to minimize your deletable footprint and maximize your sales on the online classifieds!

What does the $1,499 include?

We will set up automation software for you, provide you with a lifetime license to the software, and import your existing ads from an account or ads provided and schedule them to run, and all you have to do is click a button after that and you’re set.

You will have life-time access to use the software and never have to pay a monthly fee to use the software like Ad Climber or other junk software programs that just result in auto-flagging and which have horrible customer service/support.

Our software is also updated regularly and we will show you how to update it so the software does not “break” whenever Craigslist makes a change (as happens with other programs).  Updates generally roll out within 24 to 48 hours of any major change on a web site.

Please note, our software is intended for the BY DEALER, JOBS, SERVICES, COMMUNITY and HOUSING sections.  If you are a business trying to post in FOR SALE BY OWNER or GIGS, we do ask that you post in BY DEALER or JOBS.  Although you can run the program in BY OWNER or GIGS and we will be happy to set them up to post there and provide some guidance on best practices, we do not provide refunds or make any guarantees for anyone posting in BY OWNER or GIGS that may run into problems there due to the fact that our software is a one-time fee and those sections require a great deal of work and are constantly mutating and changing what they will allow.


For a walk-thru of what the software will entail, please email us to get started with a free one week trial of the software.

Each license includes:

Advanced campaign coding, optimization and scheduling: We code your ads so they will always post uniquely and with randomizers that make sense, and not look like spam.  Your software will never post the same ad twice and we will find and remove any blacklisted content that can cause ads to be auto-flagged en masse!  More importantly, we also code the ads so they show at the top for all relevant searches to everyone in each city (and not just a few people).  You not only get ads that stick, you get ads that show up, and bring in more business.

Get a fully working account: If your account has ads that have all been flagged/deleted, this means that your account is no longer “trusted”.  In other words, it’s no good.  Anything you post from it will be automatically deleted.  Some tell-tale signs of a bad account are auto-flagging of renewed ads, publishing delays (ads take 60 minutes or more to show in the results), and their ads show much lower for relevant searches.

We fix this by “maturing” a new account with a unique, virgin phone number, and set it up so it will never trigger what causes accounts to go bad, along with some other expert tricks, so that all of the account ads are GREEN and publish/renew immediately and show at the top for relevant searches.

**** We will also teach you how to phone verify your accounts for free too! Save money purchasing numbers that do not work.  Craigslist keeps a record of phone numbers so when you purchase phone numbers from online sellers, you are not only purchasing a phone number, but the history of probably a dozen accounts they have previously been used on and if any one of those accounts has a history of flagged ads, that history will transfer to yours, and your account will automatically have its ads deleted simply because you used a purchased number Craigslist associates with flagged ads.  Avoid this with our technique to get virgin phone numbers that are 100% absolutely free to use. ****

IP address problems?  Let us help fix that bad IP address: We will ship a modem that will allow you to change and get good, local IP addresses that work and result in LIVE ads.  An additional monthly subscription is required for Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile for this and additional charges may apply.  The modem we send will work for Verizon but if you would like another carrier such as T-Mobile, please request it when ordering.

The modem will replace the need for a VIPN such as those used at and which cost $300 a month.

The software can only be used for posting in your local city and state at this time for SERVICES.  You can try posting outside your area, but we do not guarantee the postings will stay live if posting outside of your area.  If you require nationwide postings, please contact us for support regarding that as we have a vendor that can post ads for you outside of your local market, or we can provide hosts for PCs to run ads in those cities.  You can run nationwide ads for BY DEALER, JOBS and in some cases, HOUSING and COMMUNITY from your local PC.

All orders for our automation software are considered FINAL due to the fact that the initial setup of the software is a service that requires up to 100 hours of work from our team.  We do not accept returns/exchanges of any merchandise after purchase due to the high rate of fraud in the posting services industry and to avoid fraudulent orders seeking free ads, so we strongly encourage you to post in the correct category as this service is not meant to be used as a tool to avoid paid ad fees or for people that want to try it to get free ads.

You will not only be investing in a life-time license in a software that will handle all the daily posting tasks normally reserved for an employee, but life-time help with advertising on the online classifieds with access to all future upgrades such as our mobile app and more which will include functionality for OfferUp, Trulia, Zillow, eBay and other mobile services that may become the next Craigslist in the coming years.

Our guarantee to provide assistance applies only applies to automatic flagging if your ads are being posted in the correct section/category.  It does not apply to competitor or user flagging, though, those will generally not be an issue long-term because as the software is constantly reposting the ads, competitors will often give up when they realize their flagging has no effect on your posting behavior.  If your posts are miscategorized, they will be flagged down as well by users and moderators.  If your ads have blacklisted content, they will be removed automatically.  If you are having a bad IP, they will also be removed.  The software will only post what you provide to it, so if your ads are getting removed, you will need to use new content and a new IP (using the modem we send).

We do not guarantee the software for posts that are miscategorized or for ads in BY OWNER, GIGS or PERSONALS.  We also do not guarantee URLs, or specific content or keywords in ads as we may need to remove certain things in order for ads to stick.  We only guarantee our software for SERVICES, HOUSING, BY DEALER, JOBS and COMMUNITY.  You are welcome to use our software in BY OWNER, EVENTS or GIGS, however, we do not guarantee the postings will stay live if they are for a business or they are not relevant to the particular category.

If you do not have the time to allow us to fix any issues, or cannot ensure you can have your PC turned on and a broadband modem connected, then online classified automation may not be a good fit for you so we strongly encourage you to make sure the software is something you want to own, rather than to try out as this is not a software or service that is “free” to try out due to the hourly work required in setting up the campaigns to run on it as well as the other work we have to perform as it can take over a hundred hours for us to set it up.  Please use our free trial to make sure the software is the right fit for your business.

If you have any questions, please email us at  We are to help and will respond on the weekdays promptly during normal business hours, and are even available after-hours and the weekends to provide support or answer any questions you might have.

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