Robotic Female Virtual Companion

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Are you looking for a life-like robotic partner?  In 2018, Geil and Mehr will be releasing a 5 foot, 4 inch, robotic companion that will be able to entertain you at your home and allow for people to remotely connect to it and control it allowing for the first ever real-to-life human to robot adult interaction.

One of the issues plaguing robotics is the advances needed in software to enable artificial intelligence to do many of the tasks we take for granted day to day, we bypass the need for A.I. by allowing another person to control the robot through virtual reality.

The initial prototype version will be female, and it can only be controlled by another person using a virtual reality headset.  Once they connect to it, the robot will match their motions and they will be able to move its upper-torso, arms, legs, mouth, head, and thighs, based on what they do in virtual reality.  The person connecting will have a 180″ stereoscopic view of your environment and be able to position themselves within it so the robot matches in real-time their head, arm, and upper-torso movements (lower body movements will also be functional via certain commands on the Oculus Rift touch controllers or HTC VIVE wands).

The current model will not be able to walk on its own, but will have a motorized wheel chair included with it that can be used for it to move itself around.  If you are in a long-distance relationship, your partner will be able to remote in to the robotic companion via a VR headset, interacting with you, her voice will come out of the mouth and the mouth will move to match the vocals.  It will be as if she is really there.

The robotic companion will have full sexual functionality, with a fully life-like adult experience.  In addition, if you are single and not in a relationship or married, you will be able to hire female controllers that can control the bots for you and provide entertainment and comfort.

This is a BETA unit, and we will only be shipping a select number of prototypes.  If you would like to pre-order, please contact us to join the list and we will contact you when the prototypes are available for shipping.

If you would like to experiment with the non-robotic version, we do have the silicon shells available for sale NOW for $2,000 (the robotic version will retail for $5,000).  The non-robotic models do not have any electronics built within them apart from a heater that can be inserted into them to give them warmth to match a human body, and they do not move at all as they do not have any electronics built into their skeletal structure, but the non-robotic versions can be stylized to any desired position and will look like a person, and can be left in a bed for a companion piece at night and used as a love doll as they have full sexual functionality, or for other purposes such as to thwart burglars, or provide a party piece for guests.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to own a Skynet infused love-machine, this is it!  Just like in the film Terminator, these machines look fully human, only you don’t have to worry about a sinister Artificial Intelligence program being in control of them as they will only be controllable by other people through virtual reality headsets.

The photos on this page are the default of our prototype, however, each prototype can be customized to look like any movie star, pop-star, or anyone as long as you have a photo of them that we can use to mold the silicon faces and bodies to match.

Dimensions and details of the virtual companion’s silicone shell are listed below:

  • 3D 100% medical grade solid silicone with reinforced core for durability
  • Fast and discrete shipment
  • Full TPE body with metal skeleton(158 cm)
  • Exact look and simulation of human skin.  It has almost the exact same feeling as a woman’s body!
  • Height:158 cm =5.18 foot
  • Weight:35KG=75 lb
  • Upper Bust:89cm
  • Underbust:63 cm
  • Waist circumference:48cm
  • Hip circumference:83cm
  • Depth of Vaginal Cavity:18cm (Flexible, extensible)
  • Depth of Mouth: 11cm
  • Depth of Anus: 16cm
  • All dimensions are measured manually with deviation (range) at 2-5mm.

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Product Description

The robotic model will not be available until late-2017 for pre-orders.  For sale now, is the silicon shell (which can still be used as a companion piece), it cannot, however, be controlled via telepresence and virtual reality headsets.


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