Refund Policy



We offer a 7 day return/exchange policy on all physical items shipped via USPS, fed-ex or UPS (PCs, virtual reality headsets, furniture).
There is a restocking fee plus the cost of shipping for any returned item.  We do not accept returns/exchanges after 7 days.


All digital sales, included software purchases, are considered FINAL. We do not accept returns on any software or digital items.


For our automation service, all orders are considered FINAL after purchase. We do not accept any returns or exchanges due to the fact that it is as much a service as it is a software, and requires over 100 hours of work by our team. We make no guarantees regarding ads flagging due to customer neglect, inability to follow instructions provided, miscategorization, changes in Craigslist’s algorithms, or IP and account abuse by the customer outside of the initial scheduling we set up on the software (this includes posting and renewing on your own outside of what the software is doing that can trigger auto-flagging). We also make no guarantees of content in the ads, including phone numbers, links, and certain types of images, and we will change the content at our sole discretion.


Should you experience flagging, please contact your account manager and please be patient, it can take up to 90 days and sometimes longer to resolve certain types of auto-flagging due to the account scores required by certain section/categories.


By purchasing any item on this site, you agree to follow this refund policy.


You agree not to file any chargebacks outside the terms of this policy.


Any chargebacks, or attempts at chargebacks, outside of this policy, will be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including filing a police report and pressing charges for theft.


You agree to this policy, when purchasing, that should you file a chargeback, to be charged a $349 chargeback fee, to cover the administrative costs of Geil and Mehr dealing with the chargeback, should you intentionally or inadvertently file a chargeback against Geil and Mehr, the financing company, or any other third party such as CoinBase.


If you purchased the automation software prior to June 21st, 2017, our old refund policy is listed below for the auto-flagging policy.


For virtual reality bundles, we may provide a custom courier service to set up your virtual reality system, and will ship outside of USPS, UPS or Fed-Ex (unless you have experience setting up your own system, please note in your order if you do, in which case, items will be shipped via Fed-Ex). We do not provide refunds for any custom virtual reality setup, only exchanges for defective merchandise.


For any furniture such as swivel chairs or roto virtual reality chairs, all items will be shipped via either freight or Fed-Ex.



All shipping is insured and if your product is damaged en route, insurance will provide a replacement product at no cost to you or pay for someone to fix it at your residence.





We offer a 90 day guarantee that if it is not working at the end of 90 days, the buyer can be eligible for a full refund, however this is at the end of 90 days as the service occurs over a three month period, and not before.  However, to be eligible for a refund, the buyer must comply with the following policies:

1) Their PC must be on 24/7 with remote access enabled at all times.  If the PC is down for days or weeks at a time, which will create an environment where are not allowed to complete our work, the refund policy is voided (we are happy to continue working with the customer to ensure their software works as advertised though beyond the 90 day window if they have computer or logistical issues that prevent them from keeping it online 24/7).

2) All troubleshooting steps must be followed, and the modem we send must be used as part of the process.

3) In the event after 90 days, the software is not generating live ads, the customer is then eligible for a refund request after all equipment has been returned to us with a valid tracking number, and they allow for us to delete the software and all work performed, on their PC.  Not allowing us to remove our work, or return any equipment shipped, is a violation of our refund policy and will void it.

4) Due to high rates of fraud within the posting services industry, in the event of any chargebacks outside of the scope of our refund policy, or within the 90 day window for our automation software, in the event of any chargeback, the buyer’s license will be cancelled and the full amount of the license will be charged to the person that purchased it along with a $349 chargeback processing fee.

All chargebacks will be reported to the police, and criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of law as retail theft.

5) Please note, our automation service is for SOFTWARE, campaign set up and assistance only.  Asking us to do work outside the scope of the service agreement is not grounds for requesting a refund, these include phone call appointments after hours, answering emails within a set amount of time, or any other service related inquiries not specifically related to setting up the software and generating live ads.  Although our customer service will promptly respond within an hour in almost all cases during normal business hours, in events where we have to investigate or fix an issue, we may not respond until the ticket has been researched and resolved by our team.

To avoid any issues with our 90 day guarantee, we strongly encourage you to follow all instructions we send and make sure we can connect to and work on your PC as if we cannot complete the work, the guarantee will be voided or delayed until you can have your PC on for a 90 day window.